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Martial Arts Class


(January - May)


(approximately $6/class)




(approximately $9/class)


Drop In


Please note: the fees listed above do not include membership in Karate BC, uniforms, or grading/seminar fees.
Fernie Karate Club offers the following payment options: 
e-transfer to
cheques made out to Fernie Karate Club

Registration Information

To register for the 2023 - 2024 season, please review

and complete the following forms for each participant:

Fernie Karate Club 2023 - 2024
Participant Information

Current belt level

Additional Information

In case of accident or injury, I hereby give pemission to Fernie Karate Club to administer basic first aid to the participant
Allergies/medical conditions that may impact participation?
I understand that martial arts training is an activity that involves physical contact and that participation might result in injury. I further recognize that such risk may be due not only to my own actions but also the actions (or inaction) of others, and that there may be other risks that are not known to me or to others or not reasonably foreseeable. I accept all risks and dangers and release, waive, and discharge Fernie Karate Club, its affiliated organizations and governing bodies, their officers, instructors and personnel, supporters, members, employees, or volunteers from any and all claims, demands, damage, actions,or cause of actions arising out of or in dangers and risks associated wth training.
Consent to photograph/video and photo/video release authorization: I hereby give permission to Fernie Karate Club and/or parties designated by Fernie Karate Club to photograph/video and to use such media for promotional purposes including advertising, display, exhibition or editorial use. I hereby agree on behalf of the above-named paticipant to waive any claims against Fernie Karate Club and/or any parties designated by Fernie Karate Club which may arise from the use of such media. I further acknowledge that I may withdraw my consent at any time.

Thank you for registering! See you soon!

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